Navigate the Visual Analytics Page

  1. Log into Volleymetrics and click on Visual Analytics.

  2. Select the team whose data you want to look at.

  3. Select the season.

  4. Select the matches you want to view data for.

    Hold down Ctrl and click to select multiple matches. Double-click to deselect.

  5. Filter the data based on rotation.

  6. Filter the data based on attacking player, attack result, blocks, attack type, passing player and/or setting player.

  7. Filter the data based on phase of play.

    First ball represents balls attacked after serve reception. Transition represents balls attacked after a dig.

  8. Select Zones to choose an area of the court. Select Draw to create your own.

    Choose Zones to look at two or more areas of the court that aren’t easily drawn with one rectangle (e.g., when a player tries to attack to either back corner).

  9. Click on the download button in the lower left-hand corner of each court to download the chart.

  10. Click Reset Filters to begin again.