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DataVolley Material and Information

Can you help me use DataVolley?

We cannot provide support for DataVolley, but we can provide you with a few DataVolley tools to help you get the most out of the data we gather for you!

Do you analyze matches in DataVolley?

No, but our codes are compatible with DataVolley.

How do I access DVW files?

DVW files are available as an add-on to some subscription tiers. Purchasing this add-on provides you with a downloadable DVW file for every match within your level of play, so long as you have access to the match and it has been analyzed.

See our support article: Download a DataVolley File

How do I know what Volleymetrics codes mean?

We offer an explanation of our code here:

Can you give me the DataVolley season and team rosters?

Yep! We make the DataVolley season with its team rosters available to collegiate teams free of charge. Please note that we pull this from the roster information each individual team adds to their Volleymetrics accounts. While the majority of the information should be correct, there may be a few edits you need to make.

Make sure you download the DataVolley file to use it. Clicking on it shows a preview of the conferences, not our entire list.

What about DataVolley worksheets? Can you help me out there?

You got it! We offer 5 complimentary DataVolley worksheets you can download here.