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Host Tournaments with a Volleymetrics Camera


Who should schedule the matches?

Only the host/owner of the camera can set the matches to record, so the host school should add all of the matches. If the other teams have already added the matches, the host should edit those events to make sure they are scheduled for the correct venue and set the camera to record.

What if the match time changes?

Sometimes matches run long or matches and the camera needs to change start times. All changes to the schedule should be made by the tournament host/camera owner. All start times should be set for at least 10 minutes in the future as the system needs time to update the recording job.

What if we are using a court without a Volleymetrics camera to capture the match?

If there is not a Volleymetrics camera to capture the match the host team will have to record with another camera and upload manually. If the host is not taking responsibility to upload all matches, the participating teams will need to record and upload manually on their own.