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Prepare Video for Upload

Video Requirements

  • Single file (may need to be merged)
  • Less than 3GB
  • .mp4 format recommended

Merge Video

If the video for your match is in multiple files, merge the files into one file before you upload. There are a number of free programs you can use to do this. Many of our coaches use Wondershare or Any Video Converter (AVC). If you have an IT department, discuss your options for merging video with them.

For more info about merging video, see our step-by-step tutorial: Merge Video with AVC

Compress Video

If your video file is larger than 3GB, it will need to be compressed. There are also a number of free programs you can use to compress your video files. We often use HandBrake, which can be found online. HandBrake is a third party that is not affiliated with or endorsed by Hudl. 

For more info about compressing video, see our step-by-step tutorial: Compress Video with HandBrake.

Additional tips for smaller video files:

  • Start your recording just before the match begins and stop it just after the match ends. Unless there is a break during the match that is > 5 minutes, do not stop the recording between sets or during time outs. Let the recording run from beginning of match to end.
  • Consult your camera's manufacturer to see if there are additional settings you can use on your camera to decrease file sizes.
  • HandBrake is a free compression software. You may find other programs that work better for you, but come with a fee.
  • Some teams have had luck using an AVer Media box (and SD card) to merge and compress their files while the camera is recording.