Watch Video

  1. Log in to and click Video.

  2. Hover over the video you'd like to watch and click the play icon.

  3. Video will automatically play in full screen.

Playback Controls and Keyboard Shortcuts

These controls are found at the bottom of your video player. Keyboard shortcuts are listed in parentheses.

Previous (left arrow) 
Go to the previous tag. If you don't have tags on your video, this button won't do anything. The keyboard shortcut (left arrow) lets you skip to the previous filtered tag or previous clip when viewing a playlist.

Backward 5 Seconds (down arrow) 
Jump back 5 seconds in the video. 

Play/Pause (space bar) 
Start or stop the video.

Forward 5 Seconds (up arrow) 
Jump forward 5 seconds in the video.

Next (right arrow) 
Skip to the next tag. When tags are filtered, the keyboard shortcut (right arrow) lets you skip to the next filtered tag. When viewing a playlist, the keyboard shortcut (right arrow) lets you skip to the next clip.

Slow Forward (hold down arrow)  
Play the video back at 0.5x speed.

Fast Forward (hold up arrow) 
Play the video back at 2x speed.

Add Tag (t)
Add a tag to the video.

If your game has tags, the tags will loop until you click the next icon.

Hover over the icon to change the volume. Click on the icon to mute your video.

Gear icon 
Change auto-skip, speed and quality options.

Full screen icon
Plays your video in full screen mode.