Move Krossover Video & Stats

Move Your Video & Stats

It’s easy for vol­ley­ball teams to move their video and stats.
We built a tool that allows vol­ley­ball teams to seam­less­ly migrate their video and stats from Krossover to Hudl with the click of a but­ton. Just click Import from Krossover once you’re logged in to your Hudl team.

We’re work­ing on the same tool for oth­er sports.
If you already have Hudl and want to man­u­al­ly trans­fer your data now, you can down­load video from Krossover and upload it to Hudl. Or you can wait until our seam­less migra­tion tool is avail­able for your sport. We’ll post updates here and noti­fy coach­es as we have them.

While Video & Stats are being moved

While we’re in the process of mov­ing video and stats from your Krossover account to Hudl, links in reports won’t work, and videos won’t play. Moving your video and stats from Krossover takes the same amount of time it would for you to upload each of those videos indi­vid­u­al­ly, so give it some time and check back lat­er. If you’re look­ing to learn more about Hudl, Hudl Academy is the place to go.

After Video & Stats are Moved

Finish invit­ing your ath­letes
As we moved over your video and stats, we also added your ath­letes’ infor­ma­tion to the team, but we did not invite them to join the team yet. To invite ath­letes to the team:

1. Hover over Team at the top of your account, then click Manage Team. 
2. Any ath­lete who has Pending Invite” list­ed under Viewing Time in the far right col­umn hasn’t been invit­ed to the team (yet). Click their name, then click Re-send invite in the pan­el that appears.
3. The ath­lete will receive an email invit­ing them to join the team and set up their account.

Clean up dupli­cate ath­letes
If you notice ath­letes that are list­ed twice, don’t remove them. Instead, con­tact Support and list out the names and emails that are dupli­cat­ed, and which email is the pre­ferred email for the athlete. 

Learn how to nav­i­gate your library
Your library is where all your videos live — just click Video at the top of your account to see them all. For video that’s been moved from Krossover, the fil­ters on the left of the library prob­a­bly won’t work as expect­ed, based on dif­fer­ences Krossover and Hudl’s takes on scout film. To find a video, your best bet is to use the search bar in the top left. 

As you start upload­ing new videos, they’ll appear at the top of your account and will be attached to a spe­cif­ic sea­son, sched­ule entry, and game type. You’ll choose how to cat­e­go­rize them, which will auto­mat­i­cal­ly give you a library that’s easy to nav­i­gate by sea­son, sched­ule entry, game type or cus­tom labels.