Manage Video

Take a deep dive into the organization of your video and data in your library.

Add or Edit Video Details

Add or edit the scheduled event, custom labels, or video type.

Download Video

Save a copy of your video to your desktop or an exter­nal hard dri­ve for offline viewing and sharing.

Manage Storage

Check how many storage hours you have available in your account and understand how to manage your storage hours best.

Delete Video

Remove video from your team's library that you no longer need.

Restore a Deleted Video

Restore any video, playlist or file delet­ed in the last 180 days.

Add Labels

Add custom labels to a video to make library navigation easier.

Control Athletes' Audio

Alter the audio preferences for your players’ accounts.

Move Krossover Video & Stats

Krossover customers can now copy their video and stats to Hudl in just a few clicks.

Delete a Stalled Upload From Your Library

Coaches can now select and delete items in their Library that are stuck in an "Uploading..." status.