Record Video and Upload to your League Exchange with the Hudl App

  1. Log in to the Hudl app and tap the camera icon to begin recording.

    The Hudl app may ask for access to your device’s microphone and camera. You’ll need both enabled to record and upload video.

  2. Tap the record icon to start and stop recording.

    If connected to Wi-Fi, you’ll see a cloud icon on the screen. Tap that icon to see your uploading progress. The first set of numbers indicates the length of video uploaded, while the second set reflects the total length of recorded video.

  3. When you’re finished recording, tap Save and Exit.

  4. Add a title in the provided area.

  5. Select the video type as game, practice or opponent scout.

  6. If you’d like to tie your video to a schedule entry, tap Event.

  7. Once all details have been added, tap Done.

    If you didn’t record on Wi-Fi, your video will upload once you’re connected.

Add Video from League Exchange Page

  1. Tap Menu.

  2. Select League Exchanges.

  3. Select the match you have video for.

  4. Click Add From Library.

  5. Select the videos you’d like to add.

  6. Click Add to Match.