Send Recruiting Packages

Only team administrators can send recruiting packages.

  1. Log in to, hover over Team and select Recruiting.

  2. Click Packages.

  3. Enter your athlete's name.

    Hudl will automatically pull names from your current roster.

  4. Rank your athlete by identifying the division you believe they should play.

    Giving an honest ranking is crucial to help recruiters sort and view athletes' film. The ranking will not be located on the athlete’s profile page and will never be shared with anyone other than the recruiter.

  5. Select the current grade level of the athlete.

  6. Click Add Recruitable Athlete to create the athlete card.

  7. Click Complete recruiting tasks to fill out the following information:

    • Athlete rank
    • Class
    • Contact info
    • Jersey number
    • Parent info
    • Academic info
  8. Click Add Recruiting Contact.

  9. Double-check the primary coach contact information is correct. Click Save Changes to confirm any updates.

  10. Click Send to Recruiters once all information is updated.

  11. Choose the video you want to recommend to the recruiter. To add more events, click Add Another Game.

    To remove a video from this list, hover over it and click the X icon.

  12. Click Next once you've selected your video(s).

  13. Type the recruiter's email address and press Enter. Include a message, if desired.

  14. Click Send. The following information will be sent with a recruiting package:

    • Highlights
    • Athletic information
    • Contact information
    • Full game videos