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Watch and Review Video

Once your video is uploaded, you can start adding comments and drawings, and save individual clips and playlists to share with the team.

It all starts with clips.

Create clips from scratch to indicate moments worth review. Save them to a new or existing playlist to reference in the future, or add them as highlights by clicking  . Clips are automatically created anytime a new comment or drawing is added. Use tags and reports to create stat-based clips to bring the numbers to life.

Learn more about creating clips.
Use clips to build your video library.

Add comments and drawings.

Bring lessons to life by adding comments and drawings to your video. Players and coaches can now reply to comments on the video, turning the comments into conversations. Use the arrows, spot shadows or freehand drawing tools to show athletes what needs to improve.

Learn more about creating comments and drawings.

Create and share playlists.

Clips are the building blocks of playlists. Once you create clips of key moments and add comments or drawings, click to save them to a new or existing playlist. This gives you the option to create a single playlist featuring moments from multiple games. 

Playlists can be shared with the whole team, custom groups or individuals. If other users need to edit playlists or add comments and drawings, change their sharing permissions at any time.

Learn more about creating playlists.
Learn more about sharing playlists.

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