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Promote Your Program and Athletes

Use Hudl to help your team stand out among the rest. Create highlights and bold team profiles to share with your fans, family and friends or recruiters.

Create powerful highlights.

Let your athletes show the world what they can do by giving them the tools they need to stand out. With access to title slides, music and spot shadows, your players can create highlights to share with family, friends and recruiters.

Learn how to create team and athlete highlights.

Customize your team's profile.

Put your team’s accomplishments front and center with Hudl team profiles. Engage fans with highlight videos, showcase your players and keep everyone in the know with easy access to your schedule and results throughout the season.

Learn how to edit your team profile.

Help your athletes get exposure.

Once your players have created highlights with top plays and best moments, make sure the right people see them. Send recruiting packages in Hudl with an athlete’s highlights and top matches.

Learn how to send a recruiting package.

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