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Hudl Assist

Take a deeper look at the data you receive with Hudl Assist — plus tips and tricks to help uncover insights.

Record like the pros.

When you send games to Hudl Assist, we want to make sure you receive the best breakdowns. But our analysts can’t tag what they can’t see. That’s why it’s important to follow a few guidelines when it comes to recording your games. Record in HD, take shots of the scoreboard throughout the game–or just check out our full list of recording tips before your game.

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Submit your games to Hudl Assist.

Once you’ve uploaded your game or received video from opponents, send it off to our analysts to be broken down.

  1. Select one or more videos in your library and click Send to Assist. If it’s an opponent scout video, select which team should be scouted as offense.

  2. Add jersey colors for each team.

  3. Leave a note for the analyst if there are missing clips or recording errors–any additional information that’ll help our analysts accurately break down the video.

  4. Once your breakdown is complete, you’ll receive an email from our analysts.

Learn how to submit games to Assist.

Learn more about the data you receive.

Curious what information you’ll receive from Hudl Assist? Take a deeper look at how our analysts break down your video.

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Discover the difference that Hudl Assist can make for your team.

Time is your most valuable asset in coaching–and in life. And that’s the difference that Hudl Assist can make for you and your team. Reinvest your time where it matters most, whether you spend your spare time with your family, have more time with your team or focus your energy on analyzing the data rather than entering it.

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 Volleyball  |  Lacrosse

Get the most out of your data.

Use Hudl reports to find the information you need to game plan. We’ve come up with some tips and tricks to get the most out of the data you receive from Hudl Assist. Dig deeper to uncover your opponents’ tendencies or self-scout to combat your team’s weaknesses.

 Basketball |  Soccer | Volleyball