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Get Your Team Involved

Help your team get the most out of Hudl by adding your coach­es and ath­letes to the account. Share video, coach­ing points and your sched­ule to take your team to the next level.

If you’ve already added your coach­es, ath­letes and sched­ule, get start­ed by record­ing and upload­ing video.

Add your schedule.

Keep your team in the know by adding your season schedule to Hudl. Adding your schedule also makes it easier to organize your video — choose a Schedule Event under Video Details when uploading.

Create a new season to get started.
Learn how to add events to your schedule.

Add your coaches and athletes.

Give your coaches access to Hudl and allow them to update the roster, add video to the account or exchange games with your opponents.

Add your athletes to Hudl so they can see video and coaching points to help them learn from their mistakes. With access to video editing tools, athletes can create highlights to share with family, friends and recruiters.  

Learn how to add your coaches.
Learn how to add your athletes.

Send messages and share video.

Keep the team organized and in the know by sending messages in the Hudl app or on — recipients will get a notification of your message on their devices.

You can share video with individual athletes or coaches, or custom groups. 

Learn how to share video and set video permissions.
Learn how to message your team.

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