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Discover Insights with Reports

No matter how you track stats, Hudl will generate powerful reports to bring those numbers to life.


All the data, right at your fingertips. Reports including shot charts, scouting reports and trends will help you uncover what worked and what didn't. Build better game plans and prepare for opponents like never before with Hudl's reports. 

Box Score | Shot Chart | Scouting | Trends


Paint a complete picture of your match using reports. Every stat links directly to video so you can quickly see the most important moments. Use the possession chart to track your team's control of the ball and trends to stack your team against its opponents. 

Box Score | Shot Chart | Trends


Dive deeper with advanced reports. Your cumulative statistics live here — find key stats for your team and individual players. Use reports to see which rotation was your most efficient. Track performance match-by-match or for the whole season.

Box Score | Trends


See your stats in action. Use reports to pinpoint the most important moments to review. Get a visual representation of the highs and lows for each stat over the entire season. Learn how your team can improve their accuracy and score more goals with shot charts.

Box Score | Shot Chart