Livestream Games with Periscope

For any Periscope account relat­ed issues please con­tact Periscope sup­port.


We rec­om­mend record­ing the game with your usu­al record­ing work­flow in addi­tion to any livestream­ing ser­vice you might use.


Game Time

  1. Login to the Periscope app and open the broad­cast preview.
  2. Type a descrip­tion of your video.
    • i.e. Team Name vs. Opponent Name — (10/11/20)
  3. Select who you want to share your broad­cast with.
  4. Select your loca­tion, chat, and shar­ing pref­er­ences using the icons above the Go LIVE but­ton.
    • Tap the com­pass icon to turn on loca­tion sharing.
    • Tap the chat bub­ble icon to turn on lim­it­ed chat.
  5. Tap Go LIVE to start your broadcast.
  6. To end your broad­cast, swipe the screen down and tap Stop Broadcast.


  1. To down­load your own stream, open the Analytics dash­board on the periscope website.
  2. Hover over the video entry you’d like to down­load and click the blue icon to request the file.
  3. Select the green icon to then down­load the file.
  4. Once the video has down­loaded from Periscope, upload it to Hudl by fol­low­ing these steps.