Volleyball | Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Tag After the Game

Not sure how to start tagging? Check out these steps.

To tag a specific team or color, use or on your keyboard. Use 1 to tag the team on the left side of the tagging panel, and for the team on the right side. 

Keyboard shortcuts are tied to each tag in the tagging panel. As the tagging panel changes, new options become available with new keyboard shortcuts.

To tag a player’s jersey number, type the two-digit number on your keyboard. If it’s below 10, first type 0, then the jersey number.

Kill      K
Attack      A
Serve      S
Serve Error      E
Dig      D
Block      B
Overpass      O
Receive & Free Ball Receive      R
Free Ball      F
Cover      C

A can be used for Attack and Ace because they’ll never be present at the same time. Use E for Serve Error after a Serve tag is created, and for an Error that occurs at any other time.