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Basketball | Tag Players after the Game

  1. Log in to and click Video.

  2. Select the game you tagged live.

    If you didn't tag the game live, you'll want to add team and player stats to your video.

  3. Click Tags.

  4. Click Tag Players.

  5. Select jersey colors, then decide if you’d like to enter shot location and individual player stats.

  6. Edit each team's roster as needed, then click Resume Tagging.

  7. Hudl will automatically jump from stat to stat, asking for individual player information. Simply click to select the correct athlete.

  8. If you’ve selected to track shot location, a shot chart will appear for each attempt. Click on the chart to indicate where the shot happened, then click Next.

  9. Click Next or Previous to jump from stat to stat.

  10. Stop at any time by clicking Save & Exit. Hudl will ask if you’d like to Resume Tagging or Exit.

  11. If you choose to exit and want to come back, select the video, click Tags and Resume Tagging Players.