Soccer | Tag Matches Live

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While record­ing, don’t pause for stop­pages in play. Games must be record­ed either as one unin­ter­rupt­ed video or two videos, one for each half.

  1. Log in to the Hudl app and tap GameDay.

  2. Swipe left or right to find the sched­ule entry for the game you’d like to live tag, then tap Tag the Game.

    If a sched­ule entry doesn’t already exist for the game you’re tag­ging, tap Add a Schedule Entry.

  3. Choose a jer­sey col­or for each team.

  4. Tap Start Tagging.

  5. If need­ed, you can switch each team’s tag­ging but­tons to match the direc­tion of play. Tap the oppos­ing arrows icon before the first half kick­off and again before the sec­ond half kickoff.

  6. Begin the game by select­ing which team is kick­ing off.

  7. Throughout the game, select which team is in pos­ses­sion of the ball by tap­ping In Possession for that team.

  8. Tap Out of Play • Set Piece to tag addi­tion­al moments as they occur. Choose from the fol­low­ing tags:

    • Throw in
    • Free Kick
    • Corner Kick
    • Goal Kick
    • Offside
    • Penalty Kick
  9. Tap Shot, then choose the result:

    • Goal
    • Saved 
    • Off Target
    • Blocked
  10. When tag­ging a goal, select the play­er who scored from your ros­ter. You can also tag a play­er who assist­ed the goal. If the goal was an own-goal or there was no assist, tap Skip for either.

    This fea­ture is cur­rent­ly only avail­able on iPads. If you’re using an iPhone to tag your game, you won’t see this option.

  11. If some­thing was mis­tak­en­ly tagged, tap Undo to delete the last tag.

  12. Tap End Half at halftime.

  13. Tag the sec­ond half and select End Half at the end of the game.

  14. Tap Finish Game and Upload.

    Once your tags and video are uploaded, fol­low these steps to sync.