Volleyball | Tag Matches Live

Why not save time and let us do the work for you? Check out Hudl Assist for volleyball.


  1. Check out our stat partners and download the app that would work best for your team: iStatVball 2SoloStats LiveAOC VBStatsVolleyball Ace.

  2. Be sure your version of the app matches these recommendations:

    • iStatVball 2: Version 2.17.0
    • SoloStats Live: Export is web-based, so no app to update
    • AOC VBStats: Version 2.7
    • Volleyball Ace: Version 9.52 (Strategic Analyzer: Version 9.06)
  3. Find a comfortable workflow by practicing with the app.


  1. Log in to your stat app. 

  2. Double-check that you have the correct settings for the match you’re tagging.

  3. Find the perfect spot from which to record and set up your camera.

During the Match

  1. Help the person tagging your match by asking a spotter to double-check their work.

  2. Only pause for big breaks in the action - timeouts, end of set, injury, etc. This will make syncing your tags with video much easier.


Once the match is over, upload your video to Hudl, followed by your tags.