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Basketball | Tag Games Live

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Games can only be tagged live from an iOS device. Download the free Hudl app to get started. 

  1. Log in to the Hudl app, then tap GameDay from the menu.

  2. Swipe left or right to find the game you'd like to tag. Tap Tag the Game to enter team information.

    If a schedule entry doesn't already exist for the game you're tagging, tap Add a Schedule Entry.

  3. Select the jersey colors for both teams.

  4. Decide if you’d like to use a court diagram or numbers to track shot locations.

  5. Select either Quarters or Halves.

  6. Tap Start Tagging.

  7. Select the team who wins the tipoff. The tagging panel will automatically update with new options.

  8. If you’ve selected to track shot locations, a court diagram will appear for the offensive team. Tap anywhere on the court to indicate where a shot attempt was made from.

    Rotate the iPad from landscape to portrait mode for larger buttons.

  9. Click below to learn more about handling a specific situation:

  10. Timeouts

    Tap Timeout below the team that called the timeout.

  11. Fouls

    Tap Foul below the team the foul was called on. Indicate if the foul resulted in free throws, and enter the result of each free throw.

  12. End of Period

    Tap End the Quarter or Half to move to the next period or to End the Game.

  13. Undo

    Click Undo to remove the last action.

  14. Recent Actions

    The most recent action will appear just below the team names.

  15. Jump Ball

    Tap Jump Ball at the bottom and select the team that inbounds the ball.

  16. Inbound Plays

    Tap Out of Bounds, then indicate whether the play was Inbound Baseline or Inbound Sideline.

  17. Box Score

    Statistics on the left will live update as the data is tagged, tap FG %3PT %, or FT % to see percentages.

  18. End of Game

    At the end of the game, tap End Game after tapping the period button.

    After the game, add player stats.