Lacrosse | Tag Video after the Game

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Tag options will dif­fer between Girls and Boys Lacrosse teams.

  1. Log in to Hudl​.com and click Video.

  2. Select the video you’d like to tag.

  3. Click Tags.

  4. Click Start Tagging.

  5. Select whether the game was played in quar­ters or halves.

    Men’s teams will default to quar­ters and women’s teams will default to halves. 

  6. Use the drop-downs to select jer­sey col­ors for both teams.

  7. Choose the stats you’d like to track. 

    These can be changed lat­er as you tag. Just click Options.

  8. If your ros­ter is incom­plete, click Manage Your Roster. Click Edit to update your opponent’s roster.

  9. Once you’ve entered the nec­es­sary infor­ma­tion, click Start Tagging

    Check out the avail­able key­board short­cuts to help you tag efficiently.

  10. Play or fast-for­ward the video to find the open­ing draw, then click Draw Control Start at the start of the draw. Click Draw Control Won to award the team with the first pos­ses­sion, then select what hap­pened afterwards.

    The crosse and ball icon indi­cates who has possession.

  11. Use the fol­low­ing but­tons as each action occurs:

    • Shot
    • Groundball
    • Turnover
    • Out of Play
    • Foul
    • Custom
  12. After tag­ging a shot, tag its result: 

    • Goal
    • Off Target
    • Saved
    • Blocked
    • Goal Circle Violation or Crease Violation
  13. Select Out of Play when nec­es­sary, then click Restart when play resumes.

  14. Click Turnoverchoose from the fol­low­ing options:

    • Forced
    • Unforced
    • Shot Clock Violation
    • Goal Circle Violation or Crease Violation
  15. If some­thing is mis­tak­en­ly tagged, click Undo to delete your most recent tag.

  16. The time­line will dis­play tags that have been added to the video. Your most recent tag will also appear above the home team column.

  17. Right-click any­where on the time­line to add a tag at that moment. You can also right-click an exist­ing tag to edit or delete it.

    To right-click on a Mac, hold Ctrl and click, or use a two-fin­ger click.

  18. Click Stats to see a live box score.

  19. At the end of the first half, click End 1st Half. You’ll be prompt­ed to click Draw Control Start to begin the sec­ond half.