Basketball | Shot Chart Report

  1. Log in to from any computer, then click Reports.

  2. Select Shot Chart

  3. Click the Team drop-down to choose who’s featured in the report.

  4. Click Change under Games to add or remove games from the box score.

  5. Adjust the remaining filters to customize the report.

  6. Use the Zone Breakdown filter to add or remove 2s, 3s and shots in the paint.

  7. Check the box next to each shot type for more detail.

  8. Click any zone on the shot chart to watch all attempts from that location.

This tutorial covers shot charts on an iPhone. Click the Web toggle above if you’re viewing from an iPad — those workflows are more alike.

  1. Log in to the Hudl app and tap Reports.

  2. Select Shot Chart from the Report Type drop-down.

  3. Tap the Team drop-down to choose who’s featured in the report.

  4. Tap the Games drop-down to add or remove games from the box score.

  5. Adjust the remaining filters to customize the report.

  6. Once you’ve completed all options, tap View Report.

  7. To change the filters for your next shot chart, tap Change Filters.