Soccer | Recommended Recording Workflow

It’s up to you to provide our analysts with quality video we can easily break down. Here are some tips for recording the best video for Hudl Assist.

The Right Equipment

  • Invest in up-to-date equipment like a high definition (HD) camera or newer iPad for reliable recording and high quality video.
  • Use a tripod so you have a stable, smooth stream when recording and reviewing video. No one wants to watch an entire match of shaky video. See our camera and hardware recommendations here.

How to Record

  • Record from the highest angle and close to the middle of the field to get the best view possible.
  • Limit potential obstructions to the camera such as fans, equipment, etc.
  • Don’t zoom too closely or ball watch so you miss what’s happening on the rest of the field. Record all players involved in the possession.

Other Recording Tips

  • Get a few scoreboard shots – after each goal and at the end of the half and the game.
  • Focus on recording jersey numbers to help with tagging shots and assists.
  • Make sure you record your entire match. Video that’s missing a portion of the game or is out of order can’t be broken down by our analysts.