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A direct free kick from a corner of the field awarded to the attacking team after the ball went out of bounds by crossing the goal line by a defender.


An infringement in the laws of the game.

Free Kick

An unimpeded kick resulting from a foul or penalty committed by an opponent.

Goal Kick

A direct free kick awarded to the defending team when the ball goes out of play by crossing the goal line, without a defender touching the ball.


An infringement that occurs when a player is in an offside position - in the attacking half of the field and nearer the goal line than either the ball or the next-to-last opponent - at the instant the ball is touched or played by a teammate. 

Out of Play

The ball leaves the field by entirely crossing a goal line or sideline,  including when a goal is scored. 

Play is stopped by the referee when a foul has been committed, a player is seriously injured or the ball becomes defective.

Penalty Kick

An unimpeded kick awarded to a team resulting from a foul or penalty committed by the opponent within the penalty area.


When the ball is in complete control of a specific team.


Calculated when the ball goes from out of play to either team’s possession.


A direct attempt to score.


The act of throwing the ball from the sideline to restart play after the ball was out of play.


Calculated when the ball changes from one team’s possession to the other team’s possession.