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When a play­er attempts to trans­fer the ball to a teammate.

  • By Team
  • Location (Thirds of the Pitch)
  • Completion Percentage


    A direct free kick from a cor­ner of the field award­ed to the attack­ing team after the ball went out of bounds by cross­ing the goal line by a defender.


    A ball played from the offen­sive cross zones aimed towards the area in front of the goal.


    An infringe­ment in the laws of the game.

    Free Kick

    An unim­ped­ed kick result­ing from a foul or penal­ty com­mit­ted by an opponent.

    Goal Kick

    A direct free kick award­ed to the defend­ing team when the ball goes out of play by cross­ing the goal line, with­out a defend­er touch­ing the ball.


    An infringe­ment that occurs when a play­er is in an off­side posi­tion — in the attack­ing half of the field and near­er the goal line than either the ball or the next-to-last oppo­nent — at the instant the ball is touched or played by a teammate. 

    Out of Play

    The ball leaves the field by entire­ly cross­ing a goal line or side­line, includ­ing when a goal is scored. 

    Play is stopped by the ref­er­ee when a foul has been com­mit­ted, a play­er is seri­ous­ly injured, or the ball becomes defective.

    Penalty Kick

    An unim­ped­ed kick award­ed to a team result­ing from a foul or penal­ty com­mit­ted by the oppo­nent with­in the penal­ty area.


    When the ball is in com­plete con­trol of a spe­cif­ic team.


    Calculated when the ball goes from out of play to either teams’ possession.


    A direct attempt to score.


    The act of throw­ing the ball from the side­line to restart play after the ball was out of play.


    Calculated when the ball changes from one team’s pos­ses­sion to the oth­er team’s possession.

    Goalkeeper Punts

    A ball kicked by the goal­keep­er out of their hands (drop­kick) after the goal­keep­er picks up the ball.

    Goalkeeper Throw

    A pass by the goal­keep­er where the ball is thrown by hand. A throw can be made with one or two hands. A throw can be over­hand throw or under­hand roll/​throw.