Soccer | Hudl Assist FAQ

Questions? We have answers. Read through the most common questions we hear from coaches. 

Can anyone on my team submit games to Hudl Assist?

Yep, any coach on your Hudl team will see the option to submit your game, and you’ll receive a notification when we have it. 

Can I still watch my game while your analysts are breaking it down?


How do I know when my game’s finished?

All coaches get an email once our analyst finishes tagging it. The email includes any notes from the analyst - the analyst will let you know if it was tough to see a jersey or if video was missing.  

What reports will I get with my Hudl Assist breakdown?

Your stats give you insight into your team’s play - and your opponent’s.  Click Reports at the top of your page to access.

  • Stats
  • Box Score
  • Goals
  • Trends

What does Hudl Assist track for my team?

Attacking: Goals, Assist, Shots on/off Target

Defending: Blocked Shots, Saved Shots

Possessions: Time of Possession, Count of Possession, Count of Transitions, Possession Percentage

Set Pieces: Corner Kicks, Free Kicks, Penalty Kicks, Throw-Ins

Infringements: Offside, Fouls

Player Stats for your team: Who Shot, Who Scored, Who Assisted

Why did my game get rejected?

Everyone hates rejection, but sometimes our analysts can’t complete a breakdown due to circumstances outside of their control. Here are a few scenarios we’ve seen where video is rejected:

  • Video quality is poor.
  • Video is incomplete or missing portions.
  • Video is chronologically out of order.
  • Video doesn’t start at the beginning of the game.
  • Video is shorter or longer than it should be without any explanation from the coach.
  • Something blocks the view of part of the field.

I didn’t receive my game breakdown within 24 hours. What now?

Our analysts try their hardest to return your breakdowns in less than 24 hours. We’ll get it back to you ASAP, and if we miss our mark you’ll receive a free breakdown in return.