Basic Setup

You’ve received access to your new Hudl account and set up your login infor­ma­tion. Now it’s time to get start­ed set­ting up your team’s Hudl account.

  1. Add your coach­es with a valid email address. We’ll send them an email with instruc­tions to help them set up their pass­word, and log in to Hudl.

  2. Once your coach­es are added, it’s time to add your ath­letes. You can also import a ros­ter from an Excel or CSV file to save time.

  3. Make sure to add your sched­ule to eas­i­ly orga­nize your video and highlights.

  4. Don’t for­get to prac­tice record­ing video before the first game, whether you use the Hudl app to record or a video camera.