Manage Videos

To help keep your videos orga­nized, learn how to do the following:

Favorite a Video

  1. Open the app, select a video, and tap Favorite.

  2. Tap Favorite again to remove that video from your favorites.

  3. Tap All Videos at the top, then Favorites to view all of your favorite videos.

Sort the Video List 

  1. Open the app, and tap Videos. 

  2. Tap All Videos and sort videos by Favorites, By Athlete, or By Tag.

Delete a Video 

  1. Open the app, and tap Videos. 

  2. To delete an indi­vid­ual video, tap Delete.

  3. To delete mul­ti­ple videos at once, tap Select.

  4. Choose the videos you want to delete, then tap the Delete icon at the bot­tom and confirm.