Record Using an Apple Watch

  1. Ensure that your Apple watch is con­nect­ed to your iPhone. If the Watch is not con­nect­ed, check to see that your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled.

  2. Open the Apple Watch App and find Hudl Technique. Tap Hudl Technique and then make sure that Show App on Apple Watch tog­gle is enabled.

  3. Tap the Apple Watch App to open Hudl Technique. You will be prompt­ed to open the video recorder in Technique.

  4. The Apple Watch App will auto­mat­i­cal­ly update when you open the recorder on your iPhone. You will see a red record button.

  5. Tap Record to start record­ing. The dura­tion of the record­ing will appear on your wrist. Tap again to stop recording.