Abnormally Large Video Size from Capture

If you use the QuickTime capture window, you may notice that you have a live-captured file that has a significantly larger file size than normal. Most often this is caused by using Apple Intermediate as the capture preset. Use the steps below to troubleshoot the file size issue.

  1. Open the movie package which has a larger than normal file size.

  2. Click AnalysisMovie Characteristics.

  3. If the Codec name in the Video track section is Apple Intermediate Codec, that is the cause of the large file size.

  4. Change the capture preset to H.264 HD 720 or H.264 SD to prevent this from happening in future captures.

  5. To convert the large-sized file into a smaller, more manageable size, click here to follow the steps on how to Turbo an existing movie package.