Convert an Existing Sportscode Package with Convert Movie Fast

This tutorial is specific to Sportscode v11. Have Hudl Sportscode, our newest product? Use these resources.

  1. Open the movie pack­age you want to con­vert. Navigate to File Export and click Convert movie fast…

  2. Name the export file. 

    Make sure to name it some­thing dif­fer­ent from the orig­i­nal file.

  3. Check the box next to Place export inside a movie pack­age.

  4. Adjust the export res­o­lu­tion and data rate to your desired settings.

    To deter­mine the best set­tings for your team, con­tact sup­port.

  5. Click Save.

    Take note of where you’re sav­ing the file on your computer. 

  6. The pack­age will begin to export. Once com­plete, you’ll have a con­vert­ed movie package.