Convert an Existing Sportscode Package with Turbo

Turbo.264 HD is no longer available from the Mac App Store, we recommend converting with Fast Export in Sportscode instead.

  1. Open the movie package and click FileExportSportscode XML to save the XML file to your desktop.

  2. Click the New row button to create a new blank row.

  3. Hold ControlOptionCommand and click and drag in this new empty row from the left edge of the timeline to the right edge of the timeline. This will create an instance that spans the length of the entire timeline.

  4. Double-click the instance to open the movie.

  5. Click FileSave.

  6. Select either a Stand alone movie or a Movie player stand alone movie and click Save.

  7. Open the saved movie file with Turbo.264 HD and convert it using the custom Sportscode preset. Click here for instructions on how to convert video files in Turbo.264 HD.

  8. Click FileNewTimeline once the file has finished converting and select the newly converted .m4v file.

  9. Click Yes to place the file inside the movie package.

  10. Click FileImport > Sportscode XML.

  11. Select the XML file you saved in the first step of this tutorial and click choose.