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Create Custom Title Slides Using Powerpoint - Sorter

This tutorial is specific to Sportscode v11. Have Hudl Sportscode, our newest product? Use these resources.

This feature is available only in Sportscode Elite. Interested in Upgrading?

The image quality of your title slides will match the quality of your video. When using low quality video, you may notice the title slides are slightly blurred during playback.

  1. Create your title slide(s) in Powerpoint.

    Be sure to set your slide size to match the aspect ratio of your video. Usually Powerpoint slides are set to 4:3 by default, but the vast majority of video is 16:9. Click the Design tab, and then click Slide Size. Select Widescreen (16:9) to change the slide aspect ratio.

  2. Click File > Export once you have finished designing all of your title slides.

    In older versions of Powerpoint, click File > Save As Pictures.

  3. Name the file in the Export As field. This will be the name of the folder containing all the new slide images. Make sure the File Format is JPEG and check the Save Every Slide checkbox. Finally, change the image size to 1280 x 720 for widescreen video. Click Export.

    Try saving files to the Desktop so they can be easily found after saving.

  4. Open the image you'd like to add as a slide. It should open by default in Preview. You'll have a folder in the save location that has each slide as a separate image.

  5. Press Command + A (Select All) and then press Command + (Copy).

  6. Click the cell in the Picture column of the row before which you'd like the title slide to be displayed. The cell should be highlighted with a blue outline.

    For additional organization within the Sorter, you can select "Add Row" then add the picture slide into the blank row.

  7. Press Command + V (Paste). The image or a portion of the image will appear in the cell.

    Utilizing this workflow will always play the pasted picture before the instance in the same row.