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Add Drawing Row to Movie Organizer

This tutorial is specific to Sportscode v11. Have Hudl Sportscode, our newest product? Use these resources.

  1. Select the instance(s) in the timeline that you’d like to move to the Movie Organizer. You can select a single instance, or multiple instances by clicking and dragging over all desired instances to select, or by holding down Command or Shift while clicking individual instances.

  2. Click Organizer.

  3. Single-click an instance in the Movie Organizer to select it and then click on the Edit icon. 

  4. Drag the red playhead of the Edit Movie Window to the point where you would like to insert a drawing. 

  5. Click on Edit Split Instance Edit + New Drawing Row

  6. In your drawing window, utilize the drawing toolbar to add annotations that you would like.

  7. Click on the square icon to add rectangular shapes as annotations.

  8. Click on the circle icon to add circular shapes as annotations.

  9. Click on the line icon to add line shapes as annotations. 

  10. Double-click a drawing or annotation to open up the inspector window for that drawing.

  11. Adjust the settings of your drawings to your desire. Add appropriate endings to lines where necessary by clicking on the line endings field. 

  12. Click on the Organizer icon on your drawing window to send your drawing to the Movie Organizer.

  13. See that your drawing has been added into your Movie Organizer.