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Combine Multiple Movie Packages with "Combine Timelines"

This tutorial is specific to Sportscode v11. Have Hudl Sportscode, our newest product? Use these resources.

A combined timeline will combine multiple movie packages into a single movie package. It creates a reference movie package that will include both your coded instances and any uncoded portions of your timeline. Typically a combined timeline should be used to combine multiple periods of the same game or for a short-term project.

  1. Click FileCombine timeline movies.

  2. Click each movie package you wish to combine and click Add selection.

    Click and drag the movie packages in the order you want them to appear in your combined timeline.

    Don't see the Add Selection prompt? Select Options from the Finder window.

  3. Click Combine.

  4. Name the file and select the Desktop as the save location. Click Save.

    Sometimes, Sportscode will save a combined timeline inside of a movie package by default, so be sure to select Desktop.

  5. The new combined timeline will likely take a few seconds to build. This file is just a reference file, which means if any of the original movie packages were deleted, this file would no longer work. To make this file a standalone file, click FileSave as standalone package.

  6. Name the file and select the Desktop as your save location. Click Create.

    Be sure the name of this file is not the same as any other file located on your desktop.