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Upload Sorter to Hudl

This tutorial is specific to Sportscode v11. Have Hudl Sportscode, our newest product? Use these resources.

After creating a sorter, you can upload it directly to Hudl.

This feature is only available in version 11 or later of Sportscode. Interesting in upgrading or adding Hudl?

  1. Open the sorter and click Export to Hudl.

  2. Name the .sczip file and click Export into folder. Hudl's upload page will automatically open once your export is complete.

    If you’re not already signed in to Hudl, the log in page will appear first.

  3. Choose a team and click Select Files.

  4. Choose your newly exported .sczip file and click Open.

  5. Choose the Video TypeScheduled Event (not required), add any custom Labels, and name the video then click Save.

    You can also share the video directly from this screen. Next to Share select Edit to give access to additional team members or groups.

  6. Track the progress of your upload. Once it’s done, click Go to your library.

    If you remain on this page long enough, the video will also allow you to view the video after processing.

  7. Once processing is complete, wait a few more minutes until you see the clip count next to the thumbnail. Once you see this number, click the video to begin watching.

    If the video is not visible immediately afterwards, it could still be processing. Wait an additional 15-20 minutes then refresh your library page. If you're still having issues, contact support.