Upload Movie Organizer to Hudl

After creating a movie organizer, you can upload it to Hudl. 

This feature is only available in Sportscode version 11 or later of Sportscode. Interested in Upgrading?

  1. Open the movie organizer and click Export to Hudl.

  2. Name the .sczip file and click Export into folder. Hudl’s upload page will automatically open once your export is complete.

    If you’re not already signed in to Hudl, the log in page will appear first.

  3. Choose a team and click Select Files.

  4. Choose the newly exported .sczip file and click Open.

  5. Choose the Video Type and Scheduled Event, name the video and click Save & Continue.

  6. Track the progress of your upload. Once it’s done, click View Video Status.

  7. Once processing is complete, click the video to begin watching.