Using Playlists (Mac)

Create Playlists

  1. Select a moment, or an entire row in the timeline by single-clicking on the row or moment.

    Select multiple moments or rows by holding Command on your keyboard and then single-clicking on the desired moments/rows. 

  2. Click New Playlist above the timeline.

  3. Click Playlists above the form window to see the new playlists. To resume tagging, click Tagging.

    You can reorder moments within a playlist by clicking and dragging the moment to the position you would like. 

Rename Playlists

  1. Right-click the playlist name and select Rename. 

    Additionally, you can double-click the existing name and type in a new name to rename your playlist.

Add Additional Descriptions and Tags to Moments

  1. Select a moment in the playlist, then double-click Click to edit the description. Type in any custom text for this moment. When finished, press Enter on your keyboard. 

  2. Click Edit Tag on your moment in order to add additional tags to it.

  3. Check the box next to each tag you’d like to add.

Editing the Length of Moments

  1. Open the playlist and double-click the moment you’d like to edit.

  2. Drag the ends of the trimming tool to edit its length, or drag the center of the moment to move the entire range.

  3. Click Playlist Timeline to save these changes.

Delete Playlists

  1. Right-click the playlist name and select Delete.