Code in Sportscode to Hudl Replay iOS

MacBook Pro

  1. Launch Hudl Replay Helper.

  2. Type in your Hudl user name and password. 

  3. Click on the Hudl Replay Helper icon on the menu bar and click Check For Updates

    It’s impor­tant to launch Hudl Replay before open­ing Sportscode and start­ing a capture. 

  4. Click Log in.

  5. Launch Sportscode and click on Capture Open cap­ture win­dow

  6. Click the Inspector icon. 

  7. Match your inspec­tor win­dow with our rec­om­mend­ed cap­ture settings.

    We rec­om­mend set­ting your Movie seg­ment time to 10 sec­onds and Minimum movie seg­ments time to 5 sec­onds

  8. Click the Record icon. 

  9. Name your file and click Save.

  10. Click Select a Sportscode Package

    You can also choose your Sportscode pack­age by click­ing on the Hudl Replay icon on your Mac menu bar and click­ing Select a Sportscode Package.

  11. Select your cap­tur­ing pack­age and click Sync

  12. Open up a code win­dow and begin coding. 

Hudl Replay iOS

  1. Launch Hudl Replay on your iOS device.

  2. Tap Start Watching

  3. Watch as moments you code in Sportscode appear on your Hudl Replay iOS application.