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Watch Video - iPad

This tutorial is specific to Sportscode v11. Have Hudl Sportscode, our newest product? Use these resources.

Moments Navigation

  1. Start recording with Hudl Replay on the Mac, then open Hudl Replay on your iPad and tap Start Watching.

  2. As you begin coding instances from your capture computer, moments will begin filing into your iPad. Moments are grouped together based on code rows from your Sportscode timeline. Tap a category to see all the moments associated with it.

  3. Tap on a specific moment to watch it. 

  4. Control your video using the playback controls. 

     Backwards 5 seconds     

     Forward 5 seconds  


  5. Tap Live to return to your live video feed when you are done reviewing your moments. 

  6. Tap the Full Screen icon to increase the size of your video. 

  7. Watch your video in full screen on your iOS device. 

  8. Use the playback controls to jump from moment to moment or use the movie scrubber to jump to different times in the video. 

    Jump to previous moment        

      Jump to next moment

Playlists Navigation

  1. To see any existing playlists, tap the Playlists tab.

  2. Select a playlist to view its moments.

  3. Select a moment within the playlist to watch it. 

  4. Tap the Full Screen icon to watch your playlist in full screen.