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Review Your Video and Stats

Sportscode has the tools your team needs to review game video and stats.


Use this two-dimensional grid to see how many instances you have for each code and label, and to quickly locate specific instances. Select a numbered cell to generate an instance movie full of those clips. Start off with the basic matrix functions, then you can move on to the more advanced abilities.

Movie Organizer

This tool allows you to easily organize, arrange and edit instances into one presentation. You can move specific instances from different timelines into the organizer to create exactly what you need. Check out the steps to send instances to a movie organizer, copy instances between different ones and create title slides for your presentation.


This is the perfect presentation tool for your stats because it’s formatted in a spreadsheet-style. Organize, arrange and edit your instances into easy-to-digest rows and columns. You can see all the data tied to specific instances, including labels and notes. Learn how to add instances to a sorter, copy instances between different ones and create title slides for your presentation.


If you need to archive instances, use our database tool. It’s a way to group specific instances in a new package for long-term storage. Coaches or analysts often send instances to a database when they know they’ll want to review that video again in the future.

  1. Select the instances you want to store.

  2. Click Database.

  3. Click New standalone database.


Flags are used to easily highlight or mark specific instances you want to review in the future. Follow these steps to turn on the feature for your team, and these steps to start dropping flags.

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