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Live Capture Your Games

Record your games directly into Sportscode and break them down as they’re happening.

Live Capture

Use your Blackmagic Ultra Studio Mini Recorder to capture your video feed and stream it live to your computer.

  1. Download your Blackmagic driver.

  2. Plug your Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder into the video source and your computer.

  3. Open your capture window to begin your capture.

You have two options to add stats to your game while using live capture. Test them out during practice to decide which will work better for your staff come game time.

Capture Mode

When you use live capture to record your games, you can use capture mode to break down the action as it’s happening.

  1. Set up your capture and open your code window.

  2. Click Capture mode.

  3. Activate a code button in your code window to begin.

Code Mode with Live Capture

If your staff decides it might be too difficult to keep up with the live action, use code mode to code your game with a slight delay.

  1. Set up your capture and open up your code window.

  2. Click Code mode.

  3. Activate a code button in your code window to begin.

Best Practices for Capture

To make sure your capture process is seamless come game day, follow these steps.

  1. Restart your computer prior to capture.

  2. Quit all other applications besides Sportscode.

  3. Use our recommended capture settings.

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