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Code Your Games

Use your code window to find game-changing insights.

Code mode is where you’ll live when breaking down your games. When code mode is activated, whatever actions you do within the code window will be recorded in the timeline for your selected video. Every action you take will appear as an instance along the timeline. This is how you’ll tie stats and data to your videos in Sportscode.

  1. Open a code window.
  2. Click Code mode.

  3. Activate a code button to begin.

Labels will give your coded instances more context. You can think of labels as detailed descriptions that provide more information for what happened in a particular instance.

  1. Open a code window.

  2. Click Code mode.

  3. Activate a code button, then activate a label button while that code button is turned on.

Once your game is coded, all its instances will appear within the timeline. If the timing is ever a little off, just edit the instance’s duration.

  1. Select any instance in your timeline.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Use the arrow icons to trim or lengthen its duration.

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