Convert Video Using Turbo.264 HD

Turbo.264 HD is no longer available from the Mac App Store, we recommend converting with New Movie Package or HandBrake instead.

  1. Launch Turbo and drag and drop the video file you’d like to convert into the window.

    Select the + button in the bottom left to select multiple files at once.

  2. Click the Format drop-down and select the custom Sportscode preset that you’ve created.

    If you need to create custom Sportscode presets, click here to see a tutorial. These should be created prior to continuing with the below steps.

  3. Click Start.

  4. A progress bar and timer will track your video’s conversion status. When it’s finished converting, you’ll hear a “ding” (if your volume is turned up) and the video will be saved as a .m4v file. This is the file you’ll attach to a new timeline in Sportscode.