Convert Video Using Turbo.264 HD

This tutorial is specific to Sportscode v11. Have Hudl Sportscode, our newest product? Use these resources.

Turbo.264 HD is no longer avail­able from the Mac App Store, we rec­om­mend con­vert­ing with New Movie Package or HandBrake instead.

  1. Launch Turbo and drag and drop the video file you’d like to con­vert into the window.

    Select the + but­ton in the bot­tom left to select mul­ti­ple files at once.

  2. Click the Format drop-down and select the cus­tom Sportscode pre­set that you’ve cre­at­ed.

    If you need to cre­ate cus­tom Sportscode pre­sets, click here to see a tuto­r­i­al. These should be cre­at­ed pri­or to con­tin­u­ing with the below steps.

  3. Click Start.

  4. A progress bar and timer will track your video’s con­ver­sion sta­tus. When it’s fin­ished con­vert­ing, you’ll hear a ding” (if your vol­ume is turned up) and the video will be saved as a .m4v file. This is the file you’ll attach to a new time­line in Sportscode.