Set Up a QuickTime Screen Recording

  1. Launch QuickTime Player.

  2. Click FileNew Screen Recording or press ControlCommandN on your keyboard.

  3. Click the arrow to the right of the red button and select Built-in Microphone to record audio.

  4. Click the red button.

  5. Single-click anywhere on the screen to record the full screen. To record a selected portion of the screen, click and drag to indicate the chosen area. Click Start Recording once you have indicated your chosen area.

  6. Click the stop icon in the menu bar to stop the recording.

    Once stopped, your recording will open as a QuickTime movie. Depending on the duration of the recording, this may not happen immediately.

    Your recording is not yet saved at this point.

  7. Click EditTrim to trim the video prior to saving.

    You can use this feature to cut out any unwanted time from the beginning or end of the recording.

  8. Click and drag the yellow box to cut off time from the beginning or end of the recording.

  9. Click Trim when finished.

  10. Click FileSave to save your recording.

  11. Convert the recording file using Turbo.264 HD. Click here for directions.

  12. Launch Sportscode and click FileNewTimeline.

  13. Select the converted .m4v file produced by Turbo.

  14. Click Yes to place the movie in a movie package when prompted.