Convert Video for Sportscode with HandBrake

To download the current version of HandBrake, click here.

  1. Launch HandBrake.

  2. Click Open Source.

  3. Navigate to the location of your video files. Inside the edit folder, select videos.

  4. Click Open.

    The selected videos will be loaded into HandBrake. 

  5. In the Destination section, click Browse…

  6. Click New Folder.

  7. Name the folder HandBrake Export and click Create.

  8. Select the Handbrake Export folder and click Save.

  9. From the presets panel, click Fast 720p30. If the presets panel is not visible, click Toggle Presets in the top right.

  10. Click File > Add Titles to Queue to send your videos from your edits folder to the conversion queue.

  11. Once all videos have been added to the queue, click Queue.

  12. The list of videos ready for conversion will appear. Confirm that all videos from the Synergy edit folder are in the list, then click Start.

  13. The videos will be converted one by one using the 720p30 preset, then exported to the HandBrake Export folder.

    If you receive any errors on export, Contact Support.

  14. Once your conversion is complete, open Sportscode to run the converted videos through new movie package.