Convert Video for Sportscode with Handbrake

To download the current version of Handbrake, click here.

Install Sportscode Presets

  1. Download these custom preset files for Handbrake, which will optimize your video for use with Sportscode.

  2. Open Handbrake. Click Presets, then select Import.

  3. Select one of the downloaded preset files (most likely in your Downloads folder) and click Open. Repeat the this step for the second preset file.

  4. The preset files will be available in the Handbrake preset menu.

Convert a Video File

  1. Click Source to choose the movie to convert. 

  2. Click Browse if you’d like to modify your destination folder.

  3. In the File field, name your new file.

    Be careful not to modify the file extension (.mp4) or the path (…/Desktop/) for your video.

  4. Click Toggle Presets, then choose either the High quality or Standard preset.

  5. Click Start.

  6. When the conversion is complete, you’ll see the following message: