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Mirror Codes

This tutorial is specific to Sportscode v11. Have Hudl Sportscode, our newest product? Use these resources.

This feature is only available with Sportscode Elite. Interested in Upgrading?

Mirror Codes simultaneously copies a movie package while it is being captured to another computer. As each movie part is captured and added to a package, Mirror Codes copies them to your chosen destination package.

  1. Set up your computers for sharing, then start a live capture on the primary (capture) computer in the Sportscode Share Folder

  2. On the secondary computer, click Capture and choose Mirror codes.

  3. Locate the Sportscode Share Folder and select the capturing package. Click Choose package.

  4. Name the duplicate package and ensure you save to the desktop. Click Start copy.

    Use an identical name for both packages to make it easier to share organizers and sorters between the two.

  5. The Mirror Codes prompt will appear. 

    The mirrored package updates every time the primary capture completes a movie part. Leave this prompt open for the entire time Mirror Codes is in use.

  6. When the event ends, stop the capture on the primary machine. A completion prompt will appear on the secondary computer. Click Quit.

  7. Click Yes to confirm. 

    The duplicate copy on the secondary computer is now complete and can be treated like any other movie package.

Interrupt Mirror Codes

You can interrupt mirroring to allow the secondary computer to be moved, like if you needed to take it to the locker room at halftime.

  1. Allow any movie parts that are still transferring to complete. Once the status is waiting and the blue progress bar is complete, click x.

  2. Confirm by clicking Yes

    The duplicate copy on the secondary computer can be treated like any other movie package. It will include all of the completed movie parts up to the point of interruption.