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Adjusting Instances in Your Timeline

This tutorial is specific to Sportscode v11. Have Hudl Sportscode, our newest product? Use these resources.

If you have instances that are either too short or too long by a specific amount of time, you can use the instance adjustment feature to quickly change the length.

  1. Open a Sportscode package and select the instances you want to adjust. 

    Click and drag to select a group of instances. If all instances need adjusting, press Command + A to select all.

  2. Click Edit Instance adjustments.

  3. Select the action(s) you want to perform. Choose to alter the start time, end time or move them all forward or backward on the timeline. 

    Add will move your start or end time forward. Use Subtract to move it backward.

  4. Enter the amount of time you’d like to add or subtract from your instances. To move instances backward, enter a negative number.

  5. Click Adjust.

    Only click Adjust once. You may not notice a visual difference in the timeline if you're zoomed out, but each additional click will move your instances again.

  6. Zoom in on your instances to ensure they were nudged to their correct time. 

    If additional changes are necessary, drag your playhead to the start time of your game.

  7. Open Edit and click Remove unused instance time to the right of playhead

  8. Ensure the first instance of your timeline is lined up with the game’s start time and red playhead.

You can also move instances with the follow keyboard shortcuts:

To move all instances to the right, click and hold Command + Shift + R. To move them a single frame, simply hold Command + Shift and press R a single time.

To move all instances to the left, click and hold Command + Shift + L. To move them a single frame, simply hold Command + Shift and press L a single time.