Set Up a Live Capture - Blackmagic Mini Recorder

  1. Click here then click Download Only to download and install the Blackmagic Desktop Video drivers. We recommend driver version 10.5.

    If you get an error message when trying to open the driver installer, check out this tutorial to adjust your security and privacy permissions.

  2. Connect the Mini Recorder to a Thunderbolt port using a Thunderbolt cable.

    A Mini DisplayPort looks identical to a Thunderbolt port. Be sure the port you’re plugging your Mini Recorder into has the Thunderbolt icon that looks similar to a lightning bolt next to it. If the device is properly plugged in, there should be a white light next to the Thunderbolt port on the Mini Recorder.

  3. Click the  icon then click System Preferences.

  4. Click the Blackmagic Desktop Video icon.

    In the window that appears, you should see a picture of your Blackmagic device. If you see a No Device Connected message, the device is not properly hooked up to the the computer.

  5. Click the button in the center of the window.

  6. In the Video tab, select the video feed source (HDMI or SDI) that you’ll be using to connect your video source with the Blackmagic device and uncheck the box next to 1080PsF On.

  7. Click Conversions and set the Input conversion dropdown to None.

  8. Click Save.

  9. Connect your video source to the Blackmagic device via an HDMI or SDI cable.

  10. Launch Sportscode and click CaptureOpen capture window.

  11. Click the icon to set up your capture.

  12. Select your Blackmagic device as the video and audio sources and make sure to use the HD 720 option as your capture preset. Be sure that the Frame/sec field is set to match your video feed format. You’ll want to match your Video Format option to the source feed format. Depending on your country or type of device, the Frame/sec could be 29.97, 59.94 (in the U.S.) or 25, 50 or 60. If you’re unsure which to use, contact Hudl Support.

    In the U.S., if your video format is 720p set your Frame/sec to be 59.94. If your video format is 1080i, set your Frame/sec to be 29.97.

  13. Click the Capture icon to choose a name for your movie package and start the capture.