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Set Up a Live Capture - AJA U-TAP

This tutorial is specific to Sportscode v11. Have Hudl Sportscode, our newest product? Use these resources.

  1. Connect the U-TAP's USB 3.1 cable to your MacBook Pro with a USB-C to USB adapter (or directly connect to USB for pre-2017 MacBook Pros).

    Not seeing the device? Double check that the POWER Status LED light is Green. For additional help in understanding these status lights, see the official U-TAP Manual on page 6.

  2. Connect your video source to the U-TAP device via an HDMI or SDI cable.

  3. Launch Sportscode and select Capture > Open cap­ture win­dow.

  4. Users on macOS Mojave (10.14) or above will need to allow Camera and Microphone access. Select OK for both prompts.

    This is only required once when run­ning a cap­ture for the first time on macOS Mojave or above.

  5. Click the i icon to set up your capture.

  6. Select your AJA U-TAP device as the video and audio sources, then make sure to use the HD 720 option as your cap­ture pre­set. Be sure that the Frame/​sec field is set to match your video feed for­mat. You’ll want to match your Video Format option to the source feed for­mat. Depending on your coun­try or type of device, the Frame/​sec could be 29.9759.94 (US, CAN, JP, KR) or 2550 or 60 (regions outside of US, CAN, JP, KR). If you’re unsure which to use, con­tact Hudl Support.

  7. Click the Capture icon to choose a name for your movie pack­age and start the capture.

    The picture above means there is no video available, make sure you see the desired video in the capture window before starting your live capture.