Best Practices for Capture

Reduce the frequency of dropped frames and capture crashes by following the tips laid out in this tutorial. 

  1. Restart your computer before starting your capture. 

  2. Quit out of all other applications besides Sportscode and Finder. 

    Live capture is a highly intensive process and uses a lot of your computer’s resources. Quitting out of all other applications will ensure that your computer’s resources are allocated towards Sportscode and live capture. 

  3. Set your capture settings to our recommended specifications

    Be sure to set the capture preset to be HD 720

  4. Don’t continuously pause and start your capture. 

    The pause button should not be excessively used or abused. Every time you press the pause and start button, you are creating a new movie part in Sportscode. Creating a these additional movie parts will drive up the RAM usage of your computer and may lead to capture crashes or dropped frames.

  5. Capture your game in two halves and combine your two packages after the fact.

    Capturing in two halves will limit the strain of performing a prolonged capture of HD video into your computer. Databasing and combining timelines are two easy ways to combine two separate packages into one post-game. 

  6. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth. 

    This seems like a minor thing, but we want to limit the amount of activities your computer is performing while doing live HD video capture in order to maximize performance.